• Cedar Cladding

  • Charred Accoya Cladding

  • Composite Cladding

Your Utopia Room offers a diverse assortment of cladding options for your external finish.
Build the bespoke, quality look you've always wanted - with Your Utopia Room the only limit is your imagination. You can read about each of the cladding options we offer by clickin on the below:
Cedar Cladding

Our cedar cladding is durable, stabile, light weight and elegant - offering that top-end quality finish to upmarket outdoor buildings.

Very little energy is expended when processing timber, making it one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available.

Charred Accoya Cladding

Very much a favourite for those looking for a high-end finish, Charred Accoya cladding provides a beautiful and distinctive look.

The process of charring timber is a highly skilled and detailed technique adapted from an ancient Japanese art and carried out by experienced craftsmen, to provide a long lasting and durable cladding for Your Utopia Room project.

Composite Cladding

Composite cladding combines the benefits of a traditional wood finish with the durability of an engineered composite.

The benefits of composite cladding are:

  • No painting, sealing or treating required
  • Rot, splinter and warp resistant
  • UV colour stability
  • Long life span, highly durable

Our eco-friendly composite products are made from recycled materials.

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